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Whether you're considering a residential, or commercial project, we can help you move your project forward with confidence.


We offer Low-Cost Consultations [LCC’s], to see if we are the right fit for you and your potential project.

Our low-cost consultations [LCC’s] consist of:

  • You filling out this Project Worksheet.

  • You providing an existing site survey/ existing property information and/ or drawings/ documentation.


  • Us reviewing the completed project worksheet and provided documentation. 

  • An initial meeting to discuss the project and potential design solutions for the project.

    • We’d discuss the “look and feel” of the potential scheme.

    • We’d discuss the opportunities and limitations of the potential scheme.

    • We’d discuss the opportunities and limitations of the site.


The information provided above allows us to produce a project summary that would include:

  • A cursory review of the zoning code as it pertains to your site and potential project.

    • Check existing F.A.R.

    • Check existing building cover.

    • Check existing impervious cover.

    • Review tree and topography information.

    • Locate existing utility infrastructure.

    • Check other potential site related issues, such as:

      • Flood zone.

      • Easements, etc.

  • A clarification of project aims. 

  • A preliminary program or timeline.

  • A preliminary project cost assessment, not just construction cost.

  • Project recommendations.

  • Rudimentary plan sketch diagrams to show the extent of the proposed construction and it’s impact/ relationship to the existing house and site.

  • A schedule of services and fee proposal on the next stages of the project.


Phase One (above) is $1,500.00.*

*Consultation cost is credited to your account if we progress to a signed proposal for architecture services.


Optional: Preliminary project consultation with the local municipality.

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